the story of an earring

Forests are a magical thing.

It might be their undoubtedly truthful nature, a scares thing to findthat makes them feel so surreal.

I embrace the inner silence found upon entering a forest, and I can’t help but feel a reverence towards the natural cathedral. Unlike the restless ocean that reflects back an unfiltered and raw amalgam of thoughts, the forest makes my mind stop, and listen to the pulse of life.

It wasn’t until I reached Puerto Rico’s rainforest, that I felt this deep connection.

Puerto Rico.jpg

It somehow felt that the essence of life was there, an invisible force that flows through the complex elements of the majestic forest. Primitive in appearance but complex in essence, teaching us silently, by example, the greatest lesson- that of being, of simply being.

It is this essence behind the physical reality that I’m trying to tap into. The life force that makes things happen, generating constant movement of matter and energy.

My challenge as a designer is to connect that essence found in nature, with people. My intention is to create a bridge between this two worlds, and hopefully bring out the essence or the true nature in people. I accept the challenge.

green swirl earrings.jpg
Raluca OstaszRALUCCA