A small dot on Google Maps labeled Home. This time it’s on the West Coast, on a remote ocean-facing neighborhood in San Francisco. Once the perfect desert setup for Hollywood motion pictures, this place used to be a sea of sandunes, an untamed and unwanted land called Outside Lands. A wasteland of abandoned horse and train cars, it was the home of the bohemians  escaping the stuffiness of a Victorian society, living freely by the beach.


Fast forward a hundred years. The sandunes are almost gone, the rugged landscape a conquered territory planted with endless rows of candy colored bungalows.


Outer Sunset is my home now and the ocean part of my life.

This sleepy beachside neighborhood still seems to keep its distance from the rest of the city. Geographically isolated from the popular sites and blessed with a weather that keeps the crowds away, it’s my favorite place to retreat after a busy day.

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I could write about the cozy cafes, friendly local shops or the surf watching activities that never get old. But in reality what draws me in every time is the remote feel, to be away from the madness of life and in touch with something that is so undeniably true - the ocean. Its untamed spirit seems to touch everybody's life here. The constant roar that fills the streets, the sand that hides in every pocket, the salty fresh air that reaches the core of your being. The raw and cold beautiful ocean with a will of its own, incomprehensible to the rational mind. A reminder that a home's main role is to provide shelter and that in reality, we are all at the mercy of nature.

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It's this magic quality of the ocean that urged me to translate observations and feelings into an array of woven pieces, summed up in the Tides + Waves Collection.

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