woven grip

A woven story of classic monochromatic threads and gold accents that wrap the wrist in a soft grip. This bracelet represents a lot of the things I believe in – the strong feminine presence, bold and beautiful, making a confident statement of the strength within; proud to be a woman.

The soft familiar feel on my skin makes me forget I’m even wearing it. The neutral colors blend well with my usual monochromatic attire. I enjoy the clean lines and tones, a non-intruding appearance that chooses to unfold its richness in texture when zooming in.

The black and gold combination recalls an Egyptian aesthetic, while still voicing echoes of other ancient civilizations where jewelry was a symbol of status or a way to remember one’s story. The dark central tones dissipate through a neutral border that creates a soft transition onto the skin.

Here it is – the woven cuff bracelet. Happy to bring it into our modern times.

Woven Bracelet 0.jpg
Raluca Ostasz